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12-12-2012, 04:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Edonator View Post
So everybody here thinks it's perfectly reasonable for a 31 year old Alex Burrows to get a 4 year deal worth 16 million?

I love Burrows, but it's crazy that things haven't gotten to a point where a player of his calibre is making that kind of money relative to what we saw just prior to the last lock-out. The teams and owners will pay whatever necessary to field the best possible team within the rules. And the system is broken. Nothing that they are asking for is ridiculous or totally out there.

It's within reason. With the way things are going, some of these contracts that are being handed out could kill franchises. Literally. The onus isn't on the owners, it's on the system.
Brenden Morrison who was a similar age and filled a similar role got 3 year 3.5 million dollar contract coming out of the last lockout with a $39 mil cap. So no Burrows' contract is not unreasonable at all.

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