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12-12-2012, 04:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Spasmatic Dan View Post
Indeed, although the price you listed is a lot but I could see Burke giving up a lot. What I can't see Burke doing is giving up pieces that improve the Canucks' roster to the degree many of their fans are looking for because, simply put, those pieces on the Leafs are far too crucial and not worth moving in this case.

There is a divide between giving up pieces to improve VAN's roster and giving up pieces that are NHL ready. For instance, Kadri _seems_ like he's NHL ready, but it remains to be seen if he can help a team like TO, let alone VAN. It is doubtful, that if dealing with TO, that VAN receives pieces that helps them more in the here and now. It would weaken TO too much...

Burke has to define TO's goals for this year. If it's to make his biggest push for the playoffs, then Luongo and current NHL roster pieces are the priority. If it's to continue to build for the future, then Luongo does not make sense in TO and they will run with what they have. Burke can't do both IMO, not if he's serious about Luongo. There will be no middle ground. So if he's offering a pittance for Luongo, he's pretty much conveyed that he is willing to stay the course. If he's offering something serious, and rumours report that his offer is the best on the table right now (outbid EDM), then he's made the call that he's going to push for the playoffs. Which means he's going to try and retain as many NHL roster pieces as possible.

What does this mean? To me it means Bozak is perhaps the _only_ current roster player coming back. Maybe Frattin. Everything else is likely to stay from the NHL roster. But what it also means is that the bulk of the assets coming back will be in the NHL ready assets/futures mold. Players that haven't made an impact yet in the pros. This puts Kadri on the table, and other names like Colborne, Ashton, Blacker _AND_ most all future assets that haven't been drafted 5th overall etc...

So basically, push for the playoffs = NHL roster pieces retained, futures given up, Luongo pursued. And in contrast, stay the course = No Luongo and run with Reimer. It cannot be both -> Unless you are expecting Luongo for a song, and Burke + Gillis know better.

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