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Originally Posted by PAZ View Post
I agree with the infancy stage, but you also have to remember a lot depends on 3rd party developers. I personally haven't researched how easy it is for developers to program for the WP8, but if it's a pain in the ass it will create problems.

I think that they'll be successful with the app store in the sense it will have all the essentials + more, but it won't reach the level of Android and Apple unless the MS platform starts catching up to either Android or Apple sales. WP8 is a great OS, but imo it's for a smaller niche. The windows platform has been out for what, a year and a half.. two years? This is anecdotal evidence but I've worked at a cellular store in Canada for the past few years, and it's never been too popular. Even now, it's only about 1/50 people getting a Windows phone.
2-2.5 years now actually. As for the programming portion, from what I've seen/heard it is pretty easy to program for. The problem is that the big name apps aren't generating enough revenue to maintain a frequently supported app (aka, developer's salary) and it is too costly atm. WP8 should change that.

In fact, I've mulled over trying to make one myself for the hell of it. It's just VB scripting, I've seen the code behind some of the more popular ones because the guy at my school that writes our school's app is also a Sprint board member and Microsoft is always working with him (they are paying for a Win8 App for us) on how to better get word out about developing for WP8. He put in mini-tiles before it was even announced as a feature in WP8.

If you've ever programmed an Excel Macro, it's the same concept. VB is just a lot of syntax cues you need to learn. From there it's rather easy. Relatively of course... I'll let you know if I ever actually get to trying it.

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