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12-12-2012, 07:33 AM
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Originally Posted by LarmerSavardSecord View Post
Yeah, I suspect that TV deal will look bad pretty soon. But the NHL killed the TV revenue stream when they lost ESPN with the lockout. That incredibly powerful network moved on with NASCAR NCAAWBB, and the NBA. Fox (and CBS) were never a never good spots. The music stopped and NBC and the NHL were stuck together.

And it's just sorry that the EPL deal with NBC pays >50%/year vs the NHL deal (assuming rising payments over their contract.) The EPL games can't be viewed live in prime time! Most of the games are played while we are going to or at work or waking up on the weekends. It's a foreign league and (still) foreign sport! I think it's a brilliant move by NBC as the EPL/Euro soccer is on the rise here, but it's telling how much NBC has invested in the NHL.

The recent local TV deals for the two LA-based baseball teams (~13m population) together likely exceed the NBC-NHL deal over the next 10 years. Both deal stunned the media world, and they make the NHL deal look like peanuts and the NHL small time. It's the gilded era for TV deals (look at NCAAFB/BB, MLB, NFL, NCAAWBB, NASCAR) and the NHL gets peanuts with a second-rate platform.
Originally Posted by NugentHopkinsfan View Post
The Dodgers deal alone will be worth more than 200 million per year for sure starting very soon.

And yes I totally agree with everything you said! And it's also scary because one of the reasons these leagues and teams can get such big deals is because sports is the one form of programming that fans want to watch live and hate seeing recorded. Who knows what that situation will be like in 10 years and what technology will be out by then. Maybe tv viewing will be way down who knows. They really missed out here.
Of course. And the MLS is not a slouch pulling 1 + billion with all its drawbacks.

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