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12-12-2012, 07:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Mork View Post
I've thought of this as well, but the difficulty is the wide divergence of franchise values. Would the owners of the Leafs and Rangers etc just take a larger equity share of the new single-entity league? How much larger and what would cause them to want to do this? Very problematic.

I'm sure pro-management posters will come up with a hundred suggestions all designed to accomplish this and screw the players, but none of which would be remotely workable in real life.

The only facts we're left with is that the NHL is not actually playing, and the league says they're a long way from a new CBA. What happens next is uncertain at least.
I've mentioned this before but a new Corporation could step in and buy mostly all the teams, except the big 7 from the big markets (Leafs/Habs/Ran/Hawks/Wings/Bruins/Flyers). And the new entity would essentialy be the league and the 7 teams would be more independant but the league would have to negotiate with them on some issues. The "Big 7" would have more power and they would keep all the money they are making. In the meantime, the corporation/new league would get to contract clubs, get rid of clubs in shaky markets, and the revenues from the markets they own would go to one big entity that can do anything they want with it.

I know it's almost science-fiction but I would like to see it.

But really I think the whole thing will be resolved soon because all these guys want to keep the same structure together. Even if they could be making a lot more.

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