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Originally Posted by therealkoho View Post
the owners obviously thought they had an agreement in principle with the players who btw are on the negotiating committee and so able to make decisions. Fehr is supposed to be their guide much like Bettman is for the owners. Those players were chosen well both Westgarth and Parros are Princeton grads, Hainsey and Winnick both have a couple of years of university. These guys aren't exactly dim nor uneducated and so were fully cognizant of what was happening in that room. Fehr kiboshed any implied agreement's and changed the game, thereby undoing any progress.

There is even some doubt now as to whether any of the owners said or intimated that if Fehr is back in the room the deal is off. What they likely may have said is that the meetings were agreed to by Fehr and Bettman that neither be in the room and why is that deal now off?

just as plausible
I see many that suggest that the players agreed to something in principle. I don't see it that way. I think the owners offer was the attempt to agree to something in principle which is why I think they asked for a yes or no answer. I think it's assumption that the moderate owners were brought in to strike a deal. I think they were brought in to facilitate discussion between both sides. My theory is that the league wanted to hear from the players to know where and what they could get them to flex on without Fehr in the room to possibly filter things. It worked, the PA's proposal shows that the PA has flexibility and it's a matter of whether the league wants to bend them to get exactly what they want or will they compromise somehow in the oustanding areas. On the flip side, the PA got a lot of the discussions as well because they now know for certain exactly what issues the league is looking at and that gives them the opportunity to get creative with solutions and/or use those areas as a bargaining chip to try and get something more.

As for what was said in the room, both sides characterized the situation differely. League said that the PA insisted that anyone could come back into the room without specifically referring to anyone while Hainsey said that the owners said if Fehr comes back into the room then it could be a deal breaker. As far as I'm concerned, both sides are always telling half truths so I suspect the truth is that somewhere in between both accounts.

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