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12-12-2012, 08:26 AM
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Any pocket passer behind our OL is going to get clobbered anyways - pick your poison. Brady got donked in the head sitting the pocket Monday night. Our OL just can't hold up long enough to have any vertical passing game. They are not built to do so. Its Mike's thing, mobile puck movers across the OL, but they can't bulldoze Tim Kerr out of the crease when they need a yard. A tear comes to George's eye.

The line was born to run, and RG3 was born to run even more so.

I think Kyle is getting him killed making him a drop back passer but then only running 2 WR routes. No matter if we try max protect or not, he is under pressure. Why bother, go 3 or 4 wide instead, and at least give him some room to operate, and give him more outlets. We all saw that awkward kidney shot on Sunday. A 2 man route every one covered, sitting in the pocket, he risks grounding or an INT. Roll out of the pocket - no grounding!

Kyle needs to roll out / move the pocket more. When we see Griffin running the option or a sweep, give him a pass option. I am thrilled we finally did that 2 weeks ago. It was long over due.

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