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Originally Posted by savey49 View Post
I was never scared to play anyone but these guys you always had to know that they were on the ice.
1. Scott Stevens- Best open ice hitter in my time
2. Kasperatis- Hit you whenever he could- took me out many times
3. Rob Blake- Best flying ass in the league
4. Legion of doom- Lindros, Leclaear and Renberg in Philly- scary line
5. Chara- Strongest and biggest player I played against
This line made me spit my Cheerios. Nice turn of phrase.

I'd guess plenty of players -- past and current -- browse these boards, hoping to be an invisible fly on the wall and see what people are saying about them behind their backs. At least you have the writing chops to play this game.

But after 14 pages of kiss-ass questions about your life, it looks like you've backed yourself into a corner on this board. You're obviously a decent writer with a first-hand perspective on the game, but you've fallen into the passive role of doing an incremental, slow-motion interview. If that's all you wanted -- to politely answer questions about your career -- then sincere thanks and mission accomplished. But if you want to talk current hockey, compare opinions, discuss strategies, then start mixing it up. If you are interested in participating and not just doing a Q&A, time to ask some questions of your own. There are plenty of guys like me who are older than you, with decades of perspective on the sport, just like there are some guys in their 20s with some brilliant insights.

This board has similar rules to hockey -- you know you've arrived when somebody calls you out. Now get out there, rookie, and knock some syntax into 'em!

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