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Originally Posted by Chapin Landvogt View Post
Thanks for the input!

I've got a bit of a question for you guys.

It seems like almost every year in recent times, the Islanders have taken an offensively-oriented junior Dman (often an overager) with a late round pick.

For example:
- Jared Spurgeon, 19, 6th rounder, Spokane 12-31-43 +36 his draft year 2008
- Tony DeHart, 20, 5th rounder, Oshawa 10-40-50 -23 his draft year
- Brenden Kichton, 19, 5th rounder, Spokane, 23-58-81 +55 his draft year 2011
- Jesse Graham, 18, 6th rounder, Niagara, 4-37-41 +25 his draft year 2012

Of them, Spurgeon has become an NHLer, Dehart an ECHLer, Kichton a very overage WHLer and Graham is in the midst of a personally difficult 3rd year with Niagara. Heck, in 2009 they also took a big unknown Russian kid in the 4th or 5th round named Klementyev and brought him over immediately (that expirement has quickly come to pass despite a few promising things his first season).

Anyhow, seeing as how you've probably seen both Spurgeon and Kichton in the course of time, how would you compare the two? Is Spurgeon simply much better? Is his making the NHL actually a bit of a surprise? Are they somewhat similar when all is said and done? Are they completely different?

Would you actually feel Kichton is the better of the two?

Do you think Kichton is worth an ELC?

Would appreciate any info if you should feel like responding.
I think we will see Kichton signed in the next training camp. I think that might have been the plan this offseason with the potential of the lock-out. Before deHaan was injured the had deHaan, wishart, Donovon, Ness, Cantin, Landry, McIver nd then Hamonic all already on contracts. They did not want to have more than one of them sit and watch games. They never expected deHaan to be injured early on and I bet they now regret not signing Kichton earlier. So I belive that when camp opens whether it be this month, next month or in September, expect him to be signed.

I know you questioned why Clark was signed and Kichton wasnt and I think it was a question of numbers. With Dibo, Rahkshani etc. going overseas they needed depth players and clark was going to fit the bill as a project and depth player. They never expected to be locked out this long and have to assign him to an ECHL team.

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