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Originally Posted by MadArcand View Post
Well, Fuhr's award edge is largely caused by him being a workhorse - that Vezina and 1st AT were mostly driven by GP (and thus derivatively the Ws), as his other stats were very average. It's certainly nice to be able to play so many games, but I don't see it as so immensely relevant that a goalie should be awarded the Vezina for it. Especially if most teams in the era platooned their goalies.
Having said that, though, he was runner-up for the Vezina in his rookie year with "only" 48 games played (2nd team all-star), received Vezina votes in '83/84 (45 GP), Vezina and all-star votes in '84/85 (46 GP), was 3rd in Vezina and all-star voting in '85/86 AND '86/87 (40, 44 GP respectively), and got Vezina and all-star votes in '88/89 (59 GP), so it's not like he wasn't proving to be good value under "regular" workloads for pretty much the entire 80s around '87/88, too.

Not only did he enjoy a lot of regular AND post season success over that time, the table provided earlier also shows that Fuhr's SV% was actually above average pretty much the entire decade (and not only better than the Oilers' other in-house option/s, but also better in the playoffs than the regular season, which has value imo). That goes against "conventional wisdom" that he was simply a workhorse that did just enough to not lose year after year on the runnin'-est, gunnin'-est team of the era.

Now, would I argue against someone suggesting that his abilities as a workhorse kept him in a starting role further into his career than perhaps he "should" have? Not at all. By the mid/late-90s I'm not sure Grant Fuhr playing ~60-70+ games should have been part of any team's recipe for attempted success, and his numbers from that point on kind of bear that out. But we're talking ~14/15 years into the guy's career though. Since the other goalies typically up in the 70 GP range those days were Brodeur/Potvin/Irbe in their early/mid-20s - almost a decade younger - I kinda give him some props for that, but it's minor late career padding fluff, honestly.

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