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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
Agreed. Coffey was a known and documented risk-taker. But he wasn't alone on that team. Some passing on good offensive teams I call "creative"...with those Oilers teams, I'd call some of them downright "adventurous" - backhand passes across their own defensive zone, no look backward passes against the flow of the action, outlet passes into areas (a race created, "intended" receiver vs. pinching point man)...

Spacing is a very good point. The separation between the blueliners and the rushing forwards was really as far as the two-line pass rule would allow them. Harkens back to my point on puck support defensively and in transition - non-existent. Not an issue with the Islanders. Always three men back. Capable breakouts even if their defensemen were not as offensively gifted as the Oilers, they broke out successfully a higher percentage of the time. At least in the time when their paths crossed meaningfully.
Sadly very little footage is available of the Harvey Canadiens or Bruins with Orr. More is available with the Big 3 Canadiens.

You are correct about the Islanders. Throw in the Harvey Canadiens and Orr Bruins with support and spacing and the transition is more efficient and faster. Proper spacing easily converts the stretch from a maximum two lines with the Oilers to a 3-4 line pass with quick relays that are created by spacing.

Less risk and less exposure for the goalie as well.

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