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12-12-2012, 10:24 AM
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‘Dysfunctional’ Business Model Puts the N.H.L. in Peril, Experts Say

Rather than speculation about how fans and corporate sponsors will respond, which ultimately in the end the writer questions anyway
But the N.B.A. came back from a truncated season last year and had its best metrics across the board, Cooper said. “If that can happen,” he said, “maybe the N.H.L. can come back too.
... I'd rather read some specifics about exactly how he sees the NHL business model as being "dysfunctional." I'm not saying that it isn't dysfunctional, but if you're going to make that claim then back it up with some specifics.

"Expert" at what exactly?? Running off at the mouth and saying very little that any ordinary observer couldn't also say.

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