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12-12-2012, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
really ?

I'll refresh your memory...

and here's a simple awnser, not even from me...
What are you arguing about? What are we discussing here?
Generally speaking, athletes will be interested in the same thing. But this wouldn't be the first time people don't in their preferred field because there are better opportunities or money in another field, but I bet you there's a bigger group of sports athletes that pursue studies in a related field (either at the same time, when they fail at their sport careers, or after) then some that don't. Don't think we'll find stats about that however. Just seems logical to me.
This debate is absolutely useless though and you took it on a different tangent.

Point was, athletes can study in fields that will help them for their careers. Didn't think it was that difficult to understand.

Now stop arguing just for the sake of it.

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