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12-12-2012, 11:02 AM
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I know that the owners will never contract unless there is NO OTHER OPTION AVAILABLE. Also, the players won't like it, either.

Let's leave Canadian cities (those that have teams, and those that want them) out of the convo, for a minute...

The NHL is too big, and there is not enough demand to support 23 teams in the US. If the city of Miami is halfway apathetic towards the Miami Heat, (and they're the reigning NBA champs!), how can you expect them to support the Panthers??? American hockey fans who don't live in big-time hockey cities, can root for the local minor league teams, or get DirecTV. The NHL shouldn't drag us all down so Miami can have a team nobody likes. Miami, Phoenix, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Nashville, and Anaheim shouldn't have teams. I mentioned the Ducks because LA only needs one team.

Share the money equally, and stop force-feeding hockey to people who don't want it!

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