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12-12-2012, 12:13 PM
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Honestly, the story is changing daily. The latest is that boosters and "higher-ups" told Cobb that the football program needed a direction, and he in turn told Moore that his contract (expiring this season) would not be renewed. In the memo that was released, his reasons were "lack of chemistry in the coaching staff" and the "lingering mood surrounding the football program" as well as health concerns. Moore is 73 and was heading towards a Bobby Bowden-esque entitlement while regressing the field. He wanted Moore to step down after 2011 but Moore asked for one more year and got it. Supposedly this was to be publicly announced last spring but Moore didn't want that because he wanted the focus to be on the players. He probably thought he could save his job with a playoff run or a strong season, but it didn't play out that way (an extra ****ing point in OT, REALLY?)

There are other, smaller reasons too. Chris Moore was a disaster as a coach and a person, and Moore had too much nepotism for him. He was let go after 2011, but that did cause some uneasiness around the program. Moore has also repeatedly stated that he does not want to coach at the FBS level, and it really seems that's where we're headed.

It was a just a stupid situation all around with no communication anywhere. I hate that it ended this way, but Moore wasn't the coach he used to be. I'm OK with the end result. I would have loved to see Shawn Elliott here as a replacement, but he's already withdrawn his name. Next up is probably either Tim Horton or Scott Satterfield.

This next year is going to be an important year regardless. They're either going to make a serious run at the NC or it's going to be a transitional year to FBS where they're going to stock recruits. They've already got transfers from Utah and Oregon, just stole a guy who originally selected Pittsburgh and landed another 3-star athlete from Georgia. Even though the Basketball program is abysmal and the punchline of every joke right now (That video has nearly 10M views and is for some reason on the front page of The Weather Channel's website), football has always been the heart of the school and things are certainly looking up there.

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