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12-12-2012, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by CGG View Post
I'm all for that, but where do 24 NHL team owners get the cash to buy out the 5 or 6 weak sisters of the NHL to put them out of business? The lunacy of this whole mess is that the NHL somehow thinks the Coyotes are "worth" $170 million, and recent sales have shown that crappy teams in awful markets are still worth about $100 million or so. I don't see NHL owners coughing up $600 million + to get rid of the Coyotes, Blue Jackets, Predators, Hurricans, Panthers and Lightnings any time soon.
According to the NHL constitution, there are two (2) general ways to terminate a franchise, and neither one of them involves the NHL "buying" them out.

1- Voluntary withdrawal. The problem with this would be, how do you get the teams you mentioned to voluntarily withdraw from the league, unless you pay them to go away. Since these teams are supposedly losing money anyways, the NHL could offer them each $25M in cash as this might be the only positive money these owners ever do see. Don't offer them franchise value. Or you could tell them they are cut off from revenue sharing or they will never get the ASG or something similar that would cause them to lose even more money, so they would give up and go away. Not exactly a friendly way of doing business with your partners, so no, I don't see any teams doing a Voluntary withdrawal.


2- Involuntary withdrawal. This would happen if the said team breaks any of the rules as put in the constitution. IE: If they are late with their dues. Now there are two rules that IMO probably every team in the NHL is in violation of, but is being ignored by Bettman. These rules have to do with ANY employee of the team betting on games or having an office hockey pool on the premisses. IMO there isn't a team in the NHL where people working in the front offices aren't having a friendly hockey pool. But again, proving this and actually following thru on terminating a franchise because of this is very unlikely.

So..... basically we are stuck with the teams we have until those owners have had enough of losing money and sell them to a different market. ATL ---> WPG

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