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Originally Posted by WingedWheel1987 View Post
Contraction is not an option for the MLB, NBA and NFL. It should be for the NHL.
Holy hell, no. The NHL isn't on the same plane as the other three major leagues, but there's a world of difference between "not being as prosperous as the Big 3" and "being anywhere near bankrupt enough that contraction should be on the table."

MLS is probably beyond the risk of contraction for most of its franchises at this point. Just to put things in perspective.

The fact is that there is zero possibility that the people putting forward the idea of contraction are doing it out of any real concern for the financial stability of the NHL, because there is no overarching concern about the financial stability of the NHL -- the lockout isn't about the survival of the NHL, it's about whether most of the league's franchises are going to be prosperous or marginal. Therefore, anyone putting forward the idea of contraction either has an agenda themselves, or is the dupe of someone who does have one.

Contraction is only even being talked about because of a combination of media sensationalism (sell the dramatic solution and hope it sticks so you can sell more papers), and the kind of stupid nationalism that makes Canadians decide the whole sport is "theirs" and not wanting to share it with any American market given half an excuse.

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