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Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
Interesting article discussing some of the things that's important but hasn't been discussed much.

* NHLPA has dropped their demand that player salary in absolute terms can never be lower than the year before

* NHLPA suggested "the cap and floor be plus and minus 20 percent of the midpoint. That would widen the payroll range, allowing rich teams to spend more and poor teams to spend less.". NHL likes the idea of percentage but wants a smaller range to maintain parity.

* NHLPA wants mid-level cap exemption, unclear how. NHL don't want this since it acts as an inflationary mechanic.
Regarding #1 - I don't have to much of an issue with a players actual salary fluxuating as long as the % is nothing significant. Since they have never been 100% of the contracted number since the last lockout, I don't think that's much of an issue.

Regarding #2 - there's never ever going to be league wide pairity. Under any capped system in the NHL, there are going to be teams that can spend to the cap and teams that cannot and thus cannot compete for that high profile UFA. If there's going to be a stop to teams circumventing the cap by exceeding it artifically, there as to be that same mandate that teams cannot spend to the floor artifically as well and that is going to pose a real problem as teams were having issues hitting 48 million in real dollars. If the cap is scaled back to 60 million, those same teams will find it TOUGHER to reach the the $52M floor.

Regarding #3 - I can see the benefit of some form of exception but only as the league proposed it in terms of contract Length. However, my twist to this would be to tie it to players either drafted by the team or do something similar to what MLB does to 5 and 10 players. A player should be in the league 8 years, the last 5 with the same team. Allow that team to sign that player and have a % assessed (75%)against the cap. This would help both Large and Small market teams.

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