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12-12-2012, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by dave babych returns View Post
Certainly not from the last CBA.

I suppose depending on how you frame these negotiations they've made major concessions from their original laughable offer, but yes it's time for them to think long and hard about what they are willing to give up - and to approach the players and offer it up in exchange for those things they aren't willing to give up.

The bottom line is that owners will have to give up some of their demands around contracting rights if they want to get term limits, and it would be helpful if they could also make concessions from contracting rights players did not have in the last CBA.

Like I said if they asked for longer term limits than they have so far and a much more flexible means of preventing cap circumvention (the cap benefit recapture rule rather than a variance limit), their demands might not fall on deaf ears if they offer up other contracting rights in return - dropping the other punitive rules for deals signed after a player is 35 or carrying past age 40, changes to ELC rules or RFA compensation or even UFA age.

Some combination of that and more dollars going to the players bottom line should hopefully be enough to get to an agreement.
Common sense would agree with that, now lets see if the owners do.

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