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12-12-2012, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by DJOpus View Post
Honestly, why would anyone bother doing that? Right now they are negotiating based on a multi-year transitional period. Also, $60M is less than if the cap dropped to 50% without any transitional years. It could be argued the cap will never drop below $ least that's the idea of the transitional years + estimated growth in the league.

I do think that eventually one of Luongo or Schneider will need to be traded but I don't think it'll need to be this year (if there is a year) or even next. I think that as soon as Schneider can prove he's capable of being a starter at the NHL level one of the guys will be traded but until then, I wouldn't trade Luongo.

Read the latest Cam Charron article, as it pertains to Edler and the expected cap drop. The estimate is from 55m-60m. The latter number being speculated by numerous sources. That's why I asked.

You can ignore the information, even speculate the cap will stay the same, but when many prognosticators are projecting a 60m cap, I think it best to evaluate a trade based on this number.

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