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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
It's an uphill battle in any new market. That's the only argument QC even has right now -- it's easy pickings for a lower-middle tier market that can spend to the cap floor unless said floor goes up too much. Any delusions that QC is going to be a big market are exactly that, but they do offer the comfortable stability of predictible mediocricy.

Houston has a venue that regularly hosts hockey, if the owner of the Rockets wants to add an NHL team to his holdings. If the CBA goes the owner's way and it's possible to make money owning a hockey team, that's more likely to happen.

Heck, if it's more likely to make money owning a hockey team you'll probably see a lot of comfortably marginal franchises reinvest a bit more in their product.
Quebec could easily be a top 10 franchise revenue wise so I don;t know where the mediocrity comes from. They are far better positioned than Winnipeg going forward and there is no particular reason for them to spend only to the floor, they could easily sustain near the cap if they wished. (based on the old model, might be more near the middle if the percentage is wider)

Has the rockets owner made any indication of desire to own an NHL team, if not it's a moot discussion, although the Houston Aeros numbers are very promising

Seattle worries me more because it's not a hockey market, and is going in 5th with 4 very popular other sports, They do have a ready made rivalry with Vancouver but other than that I really don't know if it could work

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