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12-12-2012, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by jbeck5 View Post
Then he failed miserably. The players lost more then they could ever make up with a better CBA about a month into the season. He failed miserably.

If we can all agree the basics:

-We get a career/job to make money(money to support ourselves and our family)
-If we can have fun doing our job/career then that is a plus

So Fehr's job is to make sure his employees are well paid, and are having a good time while working.

The NHL's offer's have ensure the above. Fehr has tried to rally the troops in a "**** the authority mentality" and we see it in the dumb,immature, unprofessional tweets the players post.

Fehr is not doing his job...unless his job was to make a "**** you" point to their bosses at all which case how can any of you agree with this? I might have thought this way...then i turned 18.

If fehr's job is to get his players the most amount of money possible, then he's failed at his job, and keeps failing more and more every day. Remember the players are losing much more then the owners. The players lose 1.8(or is it 1.6, i forget) billion on the season in profits. The owners lose maybe 50-100 million in profit with a missed season.
No clue why the NHLPA did not impose a similar gag order to the one the NHL stuck the owners with. If they thought letting the player's voice their opinions was going to win the fans over to their side then boy did that not work out. Props to the majority of the players that have just kept to themselves or answered questions legitimately for reporters instead of the idiocy we see on Twitter.

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