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12-12-2012, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
maybe i just have my homer glasses on, but i never got the sense that bure was thought of as not a winner. i mean, he didn't a lot, but in the small number of big game situations he was in, he usually came up big. unless you mean whether bure on the wings would have been vaulted into the forsberg/fedorov category, which on that team i can certainly see happening-- provided bowman lets him be detroit's version of lafleur.

re: sakic and forsberg, even if the red wings sweep all the cups and are a dynasty, remember that they both would still have legendary olympic gold medal-winning performances for the reps.

but a very interesting question about NJ. if you added bure, would they have beaten the wings in '95? that was a deep and balanced devils team with a wealth of good-to-great checking forwards and stevens playing out of his mind. but paul coffey feeding bure breakaway passes? could that be stopped?
oh, I agree with you about Bure, and the other two. It wouldn't change how I feel about them. Take Ovechkin nowadays - if he never wins a cup, but continues to play his ass off and produce in the playoffs, I will consider him a 'gamer', or 'winner'.

I just meant public perception in the hockey world. People count Cups.

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