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Originally Posted by Nacho View Post
I find it interesting that the Barons were dominating the 2 previous seasons...
Well they had Omark, and we all know that Omark was the reason that they were so good. Omark >>> RNH, Hall, Schultz, and Eberle.

Originally Posted by Nail and Nuge View Post
What stage is Nelson going to be held accountable here? I have not been a fan of his throughout the majority of this year. It seems as though we are being out-coached and out-systemed repeatedly.

How in the name of God does a team with this much talent lose 5 in a row?

I say Nelson needs a "please explain" phone call from Tambo and crew.
IMO besides the whole "the defense sucks donkey" part, IMO his bench management has not changed much from last year, he still rolls 4 lines for the most part while right now he should be relying more heavily on the 1st and 2nd lines. Our 4th line isn't very physical, has no real prospects of note on it, and should be getting less ice than it has been getting IMO.

Originally Posted by HugginThePost View Post
Not looking to stir the pot.....but really a genuine question.

When is enough going to be enough for the Oilers? You already have a stable that most would kill for, but yet it seems that you want/need more.

When does this end? I know that there has always been "disappointment" with Tambo/Lowe, but there always seemed to be a plan in place, albeit a lengthy one. Is this plan not playing out or is it just a matter of wanting more. I suppose it becomes quite addictive to gather the talent you have??

Again, I'm just looking for insight from the fan base.
We could still use toughness with skill, a top pairing D, and a 2C with strength, physicality, and skill. Even though we've added the guys that we have it doesn't mean that we are a finished product. I expect us to be a playoff caliber team in '13-14, but a bottom 5-12 team in '12-13 if there is a season. Through it all we are still not the best market at attracting UFA's and such so the draft will continue to be a key for us even when we eventually become a good team.

Originally Posted by PACKY D ELEPHANT View Post
A true tamby team haha
You don't think that most AHL coaches wouldn't be chomping at the bit to coach this club? Yes we have some deficiencies but most AHL coaches will never coach a single player as good as one of our big 4 is.

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