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Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
yeah, with the exception of trading granderson i pretty much agree.

Next year go with...

Ichiro - Gardner - Granderson in the OF.

You need to have SOME power out there, and unless youre gonna go get Hamilton, you might as well keep Granderson. Looking at his career stats, this year was kinda outta the ordinary. And he still hit 40 homers.

Youklis at 3rd, Jeter at SS, Cano at 2nd Tex at 1st. Let the kids battle it out for C, and DH A-Rod when he gets back to protect him from constantly getting hurt. He can spell Youklis too since Youklis can get hurt as well.

Im actually a big fan of this team right now. I really like the addition of Youklis.
Youkilis is a no nonsense tough customer who brings it everyday. He is only 33 compared to the ages of a lot of our players. He has had to battle some injuries but you have to admit his tour with the white sox in the second half last year was pretty impressive considering how is season started. 15 HR with them. He can play 3rd and 1st base. That is big for the yankees.

I was very big on the yankees re-signing Ichiro. They needed to get away from the HR mentality this team has leaned so heavily on. It killed them in the playoffs. Watching guys like swisher and granderson swing through off speed after off speed. No adjustments at the plate to cut down their swing. Having guys like Ichiro, Gardener, and Jeter will be of great help. Not to mention Youkilis is also an OBP machine. This team needed that turnover.

As far as Granderson goes I would not be opposed to trading him. His defense is good though because of his speed. Average arm. But I would not trade him and then sign Hamilton. Hamilton has his flaws at the plate just like Granderson does. He swings through a lot off speed as well. Slower than granderson as far as defense goes. Power isn't everything. The yankees will have plenty of power in the lineup. However, I doubt Granderson is moved.

I still would not be opposed to bringing in AJ for the catching duties if the price is right. Another gamer who can swing the stick still. Veteran leadership who is hated by opposing teams, but loved by his teammates.

The pitching staff will round out and this team will compete next year. I would like them to re-sign raul ibanez. Need to have those bats off the bench. While ARod is out I'd like to see Ibanez/Nunez alternate at DH for righty/lefty matchups.

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