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12-12-2012, 01:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Recoil View Post
BTW, I didn't reply to the specific comment above, but I'm not prepared to declare the 2012 Draft Class a bust yet like some others have.

McClellen: OK hasn't showed a ton other than speed his first season, and he doesn't show a ton of strength yet, but he wouldn't be the only DE to not show what he's capable of Year 1. We can't judge him yet, and frankly, if Lovie goes and a new HC converts this team to a 3-4, Emery may have may have made a pretty smart move.

Jeffrey: I think we all see potential in this kid

Hardin: Injuries are the only concern here. If he can stay healthy, he's big, fast, and the model of the new NFL DB (think: Seattle). Size like his is what we need going against the Megatrons, Finleys, and other monsters on the offensive side of the ball.

Rodriguez: Seems to have some talent, and I'm sure he can be more than just a blocking back. He's WAY underutilized so it's too early to call him a bust. He isn't the only underutilized guy in Tice's offense this year, so lets not hold that against him.
Hardin has been injured for 2 straight years ,, It was a wasted pick and looks even worse now

I dont think anyone is upset with Jeffrey pick ,, Infact I remember most around here loving the pick at time and he has shown some #1 potential

Rodriguez is a poor blocker but doesn't have the hands to be a receiving TE in NFL either

If he was better blocker he would have future as FB ,, But he as of right now looks like a guy without much of a position or future

McClellian was 19th overall pick and has contributed very little to team with decent amount of playing time

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