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12-12-2012, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by skywarp75 View Post
Actually it does add up. Luongo is an all time great goalie, and is still playing at peak level. Cory is also a lifelong blue chipper who has dominated everywhere he's ever played, including the best ever save % in NHL history for how many games he has played. Sure its a small sample size, but its still better than anyone else in history.

In many generations, TO has never had a goalie like either of these 2. Cujo was good but not as good as either of these 2. Im not trolling, go look at pedigree. Lu and Cory have both been dominant their entire careers and everywhere theyve plaeyd. and just because Cory is ready to play NHL starter doesnt diminish Luongo at all, which all canuck fans know, but some people dont seem to get.
You now, when referring to a team that had Johnny Bower and Jaques Plante at one time.....

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