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12-12-2012, 12:37 PM
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-Optional warm-ups before a game(could be interesting)
-Bench brawls or just a couple fights at the same time and more than two people brawling it out. complete chaos and let the players move their body and skates while throwing punches. Maybe even punch a ref or a fan lol
-Online team play have 2 lines of forwards of real life people and 2 lines of defense, and every other shift they switch off and the other line can make changes in ranked OTP. It will be more realistic.
-Allow coaches in OTP to choose lines, as seen above, and strategies.
-realistic goal celebrations, be able to control your whole body.
-In be a gm mode, you should be able to see the actual overall that some prospect has the potential to become(4 stars=83 overall maybe)
-be able to talk to people and setup a game in gm connected without having to figure out their gamertag or go on an app to start a game(in-game chat room possibly)
-Be able to send a goon out to shadow their best player(Couturier on Malkin)
-more realistic faceoffs, it could be improved with more options
-The defense should be able to pick off more passes in the crease( cross-creasers)
-They need to give us an explanation on how every attribute works and how it affects our player or goalie(I thought durability would make me not get knocked down so easily from hits until I found out it was balance and durability was for injuries)
-MOST IMPORTANTLY-Braden Holtby shouldn't be a damn 73 overall(my favorite goalie lol)

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