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12-12-2012, 12:53 PM
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Sure, on a per capita comparison. Did the fact that there's 10 times as many capitas to per in America escape you entirely, or are you deliberately ignoring you.

Sure you get more money per canadian than you do per American. That's because the NHL is failing to win -- and in a few cases failing to even compete for -- American attention. You seem to want that to mean that a full blown northern retreat is called for. It seems to me instead that that means the NHL is leaving money lying around when it fails to support its American franchises and promote the sport anywhere, any way it can.

Look what Phoenix has managed to do on the ice. Now imagine that the NHL supported it properly with a full court press to capture the imagination of the Phoenix market, instead of tepidly cutting checks and sitting in the background waiting for someone else to solve the problem. They seem to want to leave franchise territories to their owners. Instead the NHL needs to be out there aggressively competing with everything they have for every American dollar they can get, and this is a fight they can win even with Canadians afraid of losing their one area of significance trying to hold them back.

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