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Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
Here's my concern. First, I think that if Tillman was still here we'd be a better team next year. I think he is a smart man and would've fixed the QB position or at the very least brought in some help there. I also think Reed would've been on a shorter leash and wouldn't be allowed to play Joseph over whoever, to be honest Tillman might've done us all a favour and just never brought back Joseph next year.

So now we have Hervey who more than likely picks up a proven CFL QB, but wouldn't Tillman do the same? Hervey likes Reed, now the leash is longer for Reed who may or may not be the right coach. What happens if we realize Hervey is a horrible GM? Anyone really think he's going to get fired in the next couple years regardless of what the team does? Then you have the whole "new GM who wants to make that mark", what the hell happens when the mark is overpaying for a starting QB which ends up being way worse than the Ray deal?

Don't mind giving Hervey the shot, I just don't like everything else that surrounds this move.
I think the bolded part puts you in a very visible minority.

Tillman is the one that hired Reed. Why do you think Reed would have a longer leash with Hervey? Tillman spent most of his time in Regina or Mississipi, letting Reed run the team from afar, including some managerial duties based on reports we're now hearing. With Hervey living in Edmonton, and actually participating in the day to day operations of the team with close views of everything from games to practices to rehab, I would think the leash will be much tighter and the accountability much greater.

As for Tillman making the team better next year, he's already had several people in administration quit because of his ego driven personality, and I have no doubt there would be players to follow. From all reports, many of the top FA's we all want to sign will likely do so because of Reed, but I think moreso now because of Hervey running the ship instead of ET. I'm just glad Tillman is gone before he concluded some more stupid moves in the off-season. Him going out and getting another QB wouldn't make him worthy of keeping, after the shenanigans and circus of last year. It's a no -brainer to do after what we had to endure at that position last year. This team needs to be professional again, no some freak sideshow.

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