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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
In my mind, a quick shot is better than a perfect one. While skating close to full speed, weight transfer isn't as important as you already have forward momentum. When standing still, you're never going to get enough power to beat a goalie one-on-one, so usually I will take a step or two towards the goalie to get some forward movement and then lean and fire from my back foot.
While you're right about forward momentum basically elimintating the need for full weight transfer, I disagree about standing still. The traditional wrist shot uses weight transfer to generate the power. Since composite sticks have become standard, there has been more of a shift to the hybrid wrist/snap. Instead of simply using momentum to propel the puck, you can also use the stick whip while using momentum to generate even more power.

This video demonstrates it pretty well. He calls it a wrist shot because he is transferring his weight but in reality he is snapping the puck just as much as he is sliding it.

I think this beauty goal gives a pretty good example:

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