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12-12-2012, 01:05 PM
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I'm very familiar with that video, but I still believe a good goalie will stop the shot nearly every time if you're shooting from a stand still.

I should clarify I'm talking about 1-on-1, you and the goalie. Most of the time you're shooting from a stand still, it would be a situation like on the PP where you're coming off the half-wall, and there's usually a guy screening, and the goalie has to respect the backdoor pass, etc. Like the Getzlaf shot, where he's moving backwards then uses the defender as a screen.

About the only time I ever shoot 1-on-1 is in warmups where the goalie's not really trying all that hard.

But I suppose for rec hockey, sometimes we face really bad goalies, and it's not always a bad idea to shoot the puck. You might get rebounds or tips and sometimes a goalie just lets in a bad shot.

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