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Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
The problem I kinda have and I can see where Replacement is coming from is that this GM hire was said to have to be the right guy. That this franchise can't afford another mistake at the GM position. By throwing a rookie in there you kinda contradict that and are saying "well we hope he can take the next step".

What happens when Hervey can't take that next step? Between having RLL on the committee and the vote of confidence that Reed gets even though he made some blatant mistakes (which for some reason for forgiven because he must've been thinking about what time he needs to get to the team to the airport), there is reason to have concern.

I do however think at the very least Hervey will stop the mass exodus that could've potentially hit the team.
That's what everyone said after DM was turfed. That they couldn't make another mistake. They needed an experienced guy. Well, they hired the guy who had a wealth of CFL experience. And he ruined our team by trading our QB for magic beans and then capping it off by trading 2 draft picks for a kicker who we didn't need and never played.

Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
Here's my concern. First, I think that if Tillman was still here we'd be a better team next year. I think he is a smart man and would've fixed the QB position or at the very least brought in some help there. I also think Reed would've been on a shorter leash and wouldn't be allowed to play Joseph over whoever, to be honest Tillman might've done us all a favour and just never brought back Joseph next year.

So now we have Hervey who more than likely picks up a proven CFL QB, but wouldn't Tillman do the same? Hervey likes Reed, now the leash is longer for Reed who may or may not be the right coach. What happens if we realize Hervey is a horrible GM? Anyone really think he's going to get fired in the next couple years regardless of what the team does? Then you have the whole "new GM who wants to make that mark", what the hell happens when the mark is overpaying for a starting QB which ends up being way worse than the Ray deal?

Don't mind giving Hervey the shot, I just don't like everything else that surrounds this move.
I was in favor of the ET hiring. But I had no faith in him by the end of his reign. Way too many bizarre moves on and off the field. As for Hervey favoring Reed, didn't Tillman hire Reed in 3 different places - Ottawa, Sask and Edm? Sounds like he liked the guy a lot and likely would have kept him as coach.

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