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12-12-2012, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by powerstuck View Post
IMHO if the lockout ends prior to the end of January deadline for Jamison, he does not have any, but any reasons left to not conclude the purchase of the Coyotes.

If NHL checked his background or his investors background, and he can't close a deal with the league between the end of the lockout and January 31st (given the lockout does not end on January 30rd of something like that).

It's getting too late to claim for Jamison he's tying up the ties and securing everything, after December 27th we will know if there is a referendum or not so that will be behind him, and after that date anything LEGIT stoping Jamison from buying the Coyotes will be the lockout, THE ONLY THING. If he doesn't have the cash by then, I really hope for US and you Coyotes fans the league doesn't sell to him, because honestly, that won't be a very positive sign of a strong ownership...thing that Coyotes need to remain in AZ for good.
I honestly don't believe the referendum threat is of any consequence at all. I expect Jones to collect fewer signatures than he did the last time around.

I am leaning toward believing the NHL will get in at least 48 games this season.

I don't buy into the conspiracy theories that Jamison is just Gary Bettman's smokescreen to buy time. I think Jamison wants to buy the team and I think Bettman wants him to buy the team. I suspect he's got the number of dollars together that Bettman has asked him to get together to meet whatever price/payment structure they've privately agreed on. I expect the BOG is on board with all of that, as well.

Having said all of that, I do expect another obstacle to appear between now and January. Some legal challenge by the GWI or otherwise. Something will pop up and put this in jeopardy again. I think if that obstacle forces the issue into the hands of the new Glendale City Council, they'll insist on a drastic restructuring of the lease agreement, and Jamison will be out of the running for good. I expect Jamison is the last hope of the Coyotes remaining.

I'm guessing we are finally at the point where either Greg Jamison buys the Coyotes and finalizes a lease agreement in the next six weeks or the Coyotes will be sold for relocation early in the summer of 2013, and there really aren't any alternatives. Does that sound reasonable?

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