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12-12-2012, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by leova View Post
worst-case scenario, play it like TD until you get used to the patterns. obviously spawning from Location A/B/C is easy to get used to, if you have all 3(or just A and C) they spawn randomly i think...

when in doubt, either hold down a territory by patrolling around it, or assault a hostile territory
Spawning is probably the biggest thing I need to get used to.

My game plan ended up being: Cap A (or whatever home flag is), let team charge B while I flank behind and take out enemies trying to cap b, help team cap B, spawn trap C. It worked quite well on Standoff and Yemen, but I need to figure out Overflow. Of course it also depends on how good the opposition is.

I mean, I end up putting up pretty good scores (I think my SPM is around 320 in domination) but I'm probably lone wolfing it a bit too much and getting overwhelmed in the enemy spawn, so my KD suffers. Need to coordinate as a team a good spawn trap so that they can't get through to cap B, and then comminucate when you die so that the team knows your side has collapsed.

Less *****ing about how I died and more communicating with the team basically.

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