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Originally Posted by jbeck5 View Post
Nah, i'm pretty sure you've been watching a different lockout.

-The NHL tried to reach the NHLPA 4 times. Count em, 4 times!!!! last year. The NHLPA kept saying no. POINT IN FAVOUR OF NHL.
Sorry, I don't believe for one second a lockout was going to be avoided regardless of when negotiations started. When one side only wants to take, no settlement can be reached until breaking points occur.

Bettman has been professional about this while fehr has been withholding information to the players.
Link that substantiates your claim about Fehr?

Bettman professional? Well if rejecting proposals out of hand in 5 - 10 minutes, halting negotiations and stomping out, claims of concessions when none have been made, melting down on national TV, attempts to assassinate Fehr's character and divide the union are acts of professionalism, then I guess you're right.

The players have been more unproffesional then i could imagine. 2 POINT IN FAVOUR OF NHL. in fact, looking at how immature the players have been in the media, 3 points in favour of nhl. The players have been disgraceful.
Of the 750 players in the NHLPA, a handful have posted tweets or made comments to the media that were less than appropriate. However, I can understand player frustration when I hear the absolute BS flowing from Bettman and Daly.

The NHL's offers kept getting closer and closer to the middle, while the NHLPAs first 4 offers were basically the same recycled trash. POINT IN FAVOUR OF NHL.
So you believe if someone offered you 50% of the value for you house, then moved up to 60% its a good deal?

The initial offers from the NHL were laughable, the NHLPA's proposals were at least an attempt to address the fundamental problem with the economics. The players want to end this cycle of lockouts and realize the only way to achieve this is through a viable revenue sharing plan.

The nhl is fighting to keep the league viable. The long term health of the league is their main priority. The NHLPA is fighting to keep average salaries at 2.6 million instead of 2.2 million. The money the players make is their main priority. 1 POINT IN FAVOUR OF THE NHL.
You are drinking the NHL koolaid, in gulps!!!!

Average salary is nothing more than a function of revenue, when one rises so does the other. The players have agreed to 50/50, what they want is the owners to honour the signed contracts.

The 'make whole' was the concept Bettman claimed would do this, but it is now obvious that was a fairy tale.

the NHL has all the leverage...they're only losing about 50-100 million in profit. The NHLPA is losing 1.8 billion in profit. 1 POINT IN FAVOUR OF NHL.
What does leverage have to do with favouring/supporting one side or another?

I respectfully suggest you do a little research yourself, the Maple Leafs alone make $100M profit.

How can you know all the above(assuming your staying knowledgable through the whole process) then go on siding with the players and fehr? Doesn't make any sense.
Might not make sense to you, but when I consider all the factors I don't believe the NHL/owners are acting in good faith.

Since 02-03 as league revenue grew from $1.996B to $3.4B, the players' share +13.8%, the owners' share +238.6%. During that time the owners raised ticket prices by 39%, I suppose you blame the players for this as well.

The facts are clear, owners make the business decisions yet don't want accountability when the economics don't work. Their answer, turn to the fans, sponsors, taxpayers and players to pay the bill.

IMO its time one of these entities stood up to the NHL, and so the players have my full support.

It does make sense if you informed yourself.

Inform yourself!!
Maybe you should take your own advice, base your points on fact, not anecdotal evidence and emotion.

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