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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
You seem to get offended any time Klefbom's name comes up, i don't get it.
Because Oiler prospects tend to get overrated. JDD over Harding? Klefbom over Brodin?

Are you going to question Ryan Murray's game too because he got injured? What about Rielly?
Yes. Because both of those players had question marks coming out with their injuries to the draft.

What about Brodin? Granlund? Galchenyuk? My guess is probably not.
Anyway, he is definitely not underrated by anybody. HF or otherwise. Most people know that he's a really good prospect
Brodin and Granlund are not injury prone. Klefbom has now had 2 seasons where he has had to sit out stretches due to injuries, which bites into his development. If Galchenyuk had injury concerns this year, I would question that as well.

Klefbom could be Minnesota's version of Cuma.

Oiler fans tend to downplay how far Brodin has gotten in the past two years compared to Klefbom. Brodin's development is now measured in inches because of his elite status. Klefbom in miles because he was and is a project.

Fact is; Brodin played in the WC and did a great job. He transferred over to the AHL and looked really smooth in that transition. Fact is, he played more games and had no injury concerns compared to Klefbom. And yet, Klefbom is as good as Brodin is at this time? Or better? Why? Because he projects higher and has a higher upside that he might not reach? The fact is, we can wish and hope, and project as much as we want but Brodin has done a lot more in the past few years compared to Klefbom. Klefbom only looks a bit shinier because he had so much growth left while Brodin had already reached that potential.

That's why I get miffed is because Brodin is constantly downplayed as some top 4 tweener.

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