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12-12-2012, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by John Holmes View Post
I read somewhere that the Leafs merchandise accounted for something like 60% of the total sales league wide.

Roots would be stupid to not carry the best selling NHL merchandise there is.

You guys do know that outside of a couple of hundred thousand people, nobody gives a rat's ass about the Ottawa Senators...don't you?
So what's your point? The fact of the matter is that Roots chose to sell no Senators gear in OTTAWA. You know, the place where those 200,000 or so fans primarily RESIDE.

From a business standpoint, sure peddle all the Leafs crap you want, you're free to. But from another business standpoint, how STUPID is it to not carry any Senators gear whatsoever?

And as others pointed out, I'm glad people spoke up. You'd never see this fly in Montreal with a Leafs display and God forbid some store owner is dumb enough to set up a Yankees display in Boston. Good on people for speaking out. And shame on the rest of you for chastizing them. This is why people think our fanbase sucks. Because we roll over and "assume the position" when it comes to Leafs and Habs fans in our own backyard.

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