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12-12-2012, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Theokritos View Post
You are throwing around phrases like "credibility" and "strong". Could you be a bit more specific please? "The greater number of people a sport touches, the stronger the sport is". What do you mean with "stronger"?
Would you say soccer is a strong sport? Yes? Why is it strong? I would say it's a strong sport because it impacts millions of people world-wide. Kids play it in the streets. Some of those kids grow up to be talented players in the pros. Some of those kids grow up to be fans who spend money watching the pros. The greater number of people your sports touches the stronger your sport is. You have to bring a sport into the communities and make fans out of the kids so that they become players (which increases your talent base) or long-term fans (who spend money on your sport). This is just common sense. You strengthen your sport by reaching more people, you WEAKEN your sport by shrinking the number of people you reach. Again, common sense.

As for credibility, the perception in the media (which in turn shapes public perception) is that leagues that contract are failing leagues that need not be taken seriously. That becomes a downward spiral that leagues simply do not recover from. I've watched it happen with the WHA, the ABA, and the USFL. It's like clockwork. A major sports league HAS to maintain a certain level of credibility with the public or they're doomed to fail.

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