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Originally Posted by cbcwpg View Post
Just a point, but it's not up to the NHL to "try" a market. It's up to someone in that market to pony up the money and then ask the NHL if they are willing to try that market.

According to Bettman, there were 23 tire kickers in Atlanta that all looked at owning a team there, but they all walked for various reasons. Atlanta may yet get another team, but it won't happen until someone else comes along and convinces the NHL that their vision can work.
The first time the NHL put a team in Atlanta, it was just to even out the league after putting another team in NY to keep out a rival league putting a team in NY. The second time, the Thrashers eventually ended up with an owner that didn't want the Thrashers to play in the building that they owned. Then the city ended up losing both teams to cities west of Toronto and the eastern time zone in Canada.

The Atlanta market has never gotten a real chance in the NHL. It's not the greatest sports market to begin with, but the NFL, MLB, and NBA have teams there, if nothing else for the potential of such a big market.

I'd agree, for the NHL to try Atlanta again, it would have to have solid ownership, that cares at least somewhat about the game itself. And a place to play.

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