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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post

I'm not sure if you're even trying to make a point here, or if you're just being contradictory for its own sake. If I wanted to point out the failure of a Canadian NHL market I would have used Quebec or Winnipeg, not Ottawa. The modern failure is of course more relevant, you're very right about that.

More to the point, it seems to me that a lot of people are having a problem with the fact that market forces have moved the sport away from Canada in the last 40 years. Rather than celebrate the growth of the league they seem to resent that it is somehow no longer entirely theirs -- as if hockey ever really was. There's a few legit passionate QC fans that really deserve a franchise -- more than a few in all likelihood -- but all these Canadians crabbing and beating down southern US markets solely for their own gain would make me very glad if they never see another new team in Canada

I want growth believe me, I want a strong 32 team league with 25% Canadian teams, mostly because barring a currency problem, Canadian teams are going to be stable and good for the league as a whole, as they will contribute to a good bottom line, especially considering the value of Canadian television contracts going forward.

Phoenix is a failure, and a lot of people, not just Canadians see it as a money pit and a blight on the league. I love Nashville and Carolina, I think they'll be fine, both are looking up, Florida will be fine cause the CEO is a brilliant Arena Manager. Brooklyn will help the Islanders make more money. Dallas and St Louis are in new hands so hopefully they are run better and become more successful.

I just want Phoenix gone and Quebec is the only viable option at the moment

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