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Originally Posted by Gord View Post
you think tillman would have done a better job next year than hervey will?
you say he is smart and would fix the QB problem. the same QB problem he caused and did NOTHING to fix during the season?
Reed would have been on a shorter leash, by the guy that gave him every job he's had in coaching? Tillman wouldn't allow Joseph to play over whomever is brought in, yet he let joesph play over nicholls all year long this season?
There is nothing Tillman did with the esks that gave any idication he would be an improvement next year if he stayed, and you've provided no insight in your comments to show Tillman would indeed do a better job.
You and I both know he couldn't do nothing during the year to fix the Qb issue.

I do think Tillman would've had him on shorter leash. Tillman did what a lot of GM's do and that's let his coach, coach. I said earlier in the year I was okay with this, but if Tillman didn't watch he could be the one to pay for doing this.

Tillman was here for two and a half years. He took the team from 2-8 and finished the year with a 5-3 record and followed it up with 11 and 7 year. So ya I think he could've turned a 7-11 year into a better one next year.

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