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Originally Posted by Theokritos View Post
Soccer is a sure-fire success (maybe not in North America, but everywhere else). You don't really need to sell it, you just expose people to the sport and they love it.
You need to sell the crap out of it in North America.....which is exactly what's being done. Why? To grow the sport. In Europe kids have been playing soccer for over a hundred years, the exposure is maxed out and now new people are being sought to expose the sport to.

Originally Posted by Theokritos View Post
It's not happening with hockey to the same degree, is it? Few hockey fans actually become players themselves outside of some specific regions (Canada, US states close to Canada, rather small parts of Europe).
Soccer in Europe has about a hundred years head start on hockey in the United States. It's still better to get off to a late start than to say "why bother?" and not start at all.

Originally Posted by Theokritos View Post
As for the fans who spend money: if there is not enough of them in certain places to support a NHL franchise, why bother? Why try to become "stronger" with all possible means? You already have great players, the best in the world. Concentrate the league, get rid of the fringe NHLers and your league is even better.
Why not try to grow stronger? If you love something why on Earth would you want to see it stay weak and small? Why would you NOT want to bring it to others so they can enjoy it like you do? If I really like something I want to share it with others.

Originally Posted by Theokritos View Post
BTW I'm soccer fan and I don't care whether the sport grows or not. I know it still does and that's alright, just as it was alright if it stopped to grow.
Maybe you're content with a niche outlook on things but I suspect most people are not. Certainly not in North America. We generally are not content to remain cloistered in small parochial boxes and naturally strive for something bigger and better.

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