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12-12-2012, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by scelaton View Post
I don't think anyone can know when they are going to sign this, except it is clear (to me, at least) that they will. The first '11th hour' came and went a long time ago, when the players lost their first paycheck. At that point, Fehr's brinkmanship style became a losing proposition. The only other 11th hour I see ahead is the second week in Jan, when the season is truly on the brink.
Personally, I would like them to wait till the WJC is over so there is no conflict with the players or fans.
As for realignment, I agree with those who do not want a Cdn division. I think long travel and crossing time zones continually can cause sleep and performance problems over a long season. The bigger reason is that I like the idea of a North-South hockey axis, so that the 'Canadian game' is not confined to Canada. I haven't really thought it through, but something in me says that promoting rivalries between Canadian and American teams will grow the game better.

Agree with you that the 11th hour for the season doesn't come until January when there will be a drop dead date for a season. I fully expect Fehr to tie his anchor to that date and he'll either sink and the season will be a no go or he'll swim and get the best offer he can for his union.

These two sides have come this far, in which I personally never thought they would. I don't see them stopping anywhere short of the season being a tick on the clock away from being completely shut down. This is a game of chicken now, and it's going to come down to Bettman and co. vs. Fehr and co. to see who can muster just a little bit more from the other before all is said and done.

I think we see hockey this season, at least I hope we do. But at this point with the circus show both sides have put on, I won't be the least bit surprise if there is no season. Never thought I'd say or see that from this lockout. I didn't think it would come to this point.

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