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Originally Posted by MP View Post
Relocation would add tens of millions of dollars to the cost of owning the team. Surely you haven't forgotten the (as I recall) $60 million TNSE paid to take the Thrashers to Winnipeg? Jamison's group would be on the hook for at least that much. It makes a huge difference whether or not the lease gets done. Keep yer britches on.
I haven't forgotten. Just like how I haven't forgotten that relocation of a team doesn't always mean a change of owners. The Bidwell Family has owned the Arizona Cardinals going all the way back to the days when the Cardinals were in Chicago. I haven't forgotten either that Jerry Reinsdorf was asking for a out clause after 5 years if the team didn't turn a profit. In the outclause, Reinsdorf could do the following:
He could sell the team to a local owner.
Sell the team to another owner for relocation.
Move the team to another city while he is still the owner.

Of course these actions he would need league approval but isn't tied down to the city from making such moves either.

I haven't forgotten either that relocation of a team doesn't always mean the owner doesn't make a profit. Hell, given the mess the team is in the NHL will more than likely profit off the Coyotes getting relocatated if the a local owner can't be established.

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