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12-12-2012, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by luongo321 View Post
It is time for Lu to move on. Schneider is the real deal. Much more consistent than Lu. I hope he can keep it going for the entire season. More importantly, Lu has lost the trust of his teammates and coach. There was a reason why he was on such a short leash last playoffs. My opinion is that AV regrets starting Lu in some of those Finals games in Boston and last playoffs against the Kings was his chance to say 'nope, it's schneider's chance now. let's see what he's got in the playoffs.' There's also the fact that if he didn't give schneider a chance in the playoffs that he probably would be the one getting traded right now. Those 2 playoff games (plus his outstanding play for the last 2 seasons and incredible head on his shoulders) is the reason why Schneider is staying. Canucks teammates/coach just never know which Luongo is going to show up.

Although chicago plays outstanding against us, part of the reason is because Luongo is such a ****ing headcase against them. His fear and anxiety was transferred to our entire team. The players were nervous when he played against them. Played great in part 3 vs the hawks and then the floodgates open all of a sudden and he's acting like the chicago nightmare is back. After beating them I thought that would help him out, but then he went headcase against the Bruins too. Time for him to move on. If a team gets in his head (chicago/boston), it will be a roller coaster. If has a team's number he is lights out. There's a reason why schneider started in boston and against the hawks in some regular season games.
That should come in handy as Boston is in our division.

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