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Originally Posted by ULF_55 View Post
It is called immaturity and many players have it, but when you are they only golden boy (at the time) of the Leafs you are going to be scrutinized, so don't walk out in front of the camera while a mate is being interviewed and give the finger to the world by pretending to scratch your ear. I'm guessing the guys put him up to it.

Don't tweet anything that calls attention to yourself when the big team is struggling.

People will look for things, don't give them ammo.

There is a reason why they are taught cliches. JR talked the talk, but he walked the walk. Earn the space and respect before you decide you want attention.

Stampeders banned the players from twitter late in the year because of misteps made by even their star players.

Kadri has recently taken positive steps, now he has to keep taking those steps. He hasn't arrived at all, and I think this lock-out was the best thing for him.

wow. same issue again, he was scratching his head, i do it sometimes
can we cut him some slack, we are only fan base that hates when our prospects are doing well

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