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12-12-2012, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by oiLowe View Post
What's your point exactly? That they shouldn't supply parking for large trucks?

There are clearly many people in Edmonton and elsewhere in Alberta that drive 3/4 ton trucks or larger and many that will frequent oiler games. There is no logical argument to the contrary.
I wasn't mentioning pickups at all.

I was commenting on Gibbons and his big diesel trucks comment.

He was being an obstructionist. Plain and simple. His comment reminded me of the Eastern media/liberal good-ol-boy-Albertans comments.

I tire of such stereotypes. Just like the one where if I have spent time living in Northern Alberta, then I think there are very few pickups on the road because of course that means I'm a yokel who has never really gone or lived anywhere else.

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