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12-12-2012, 04:34 PM
Playoffs train wreck
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First round of playoffs in alpha league and last week of regular season in beta league, where I abolsutely need to win (vs the 1st place guy), if not I'm out of playoffs.

I know I'm ****ed in at least one of the two because basically in alpha league I have half the players of my opponent in beta league.

For an incredible series of events I end up to win in both leagues, in alpha by just ONE point. But the other guy has Rob friggin' Ninkovich (what an ass DE!) who was awarded half a sack instead of a full one: I knew it was coming.
Tonight Yahoo inserted the corrected stats and Ninkovich is awarded a full sack. They haven't updated the scores as of yet but by tomorrow I'm going from winning by one point to losing by one point.
A big thank to Elvis Dumervil who laid an egg on me, Bradshaw and Chris Johnson with yet another pathetic effort and Welker who had a mediocre game: can't believe that if he got three more yards in the last kickoff, I'd be at least tied with the other guy.
For the record I sit Mike Wallace, Knowshown Moreno and Green Bay defense.

Second time I've been screwed up by corrected stats!!!

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