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12-12-2012, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
In 2011 Kesler got 1.26 G/60, Little never came anywhere near that. If you want you can make an argument that Little is close to 2012 Kesler, who was playing through a torn labrum and had a revolving door of linemates. But no way in heck is he close to the 2011 Kesler.

1) similar =/= same... I never said they were same, just similar
2) injury doesn't mean increase of value, means decrease

Yes Kesler got 1.26 g/60... but Little's 0.85 g/60 is still better than any other year of Kesler's career...
I don't use Little's 1.12 g/60 year for evaluating the true Little?

hey I'm not against Kesler... I don't think Little = Kesler... but they did perform similarly (Selke nominations aside)... sorry... yes, for Kesler it may be due to injury, but you don't know if he will ever come back 100% which was my whole point... when dealing with trades we are discussing value

And Little had injuries too. The problem with using injuries as an excuse is everyone has them.

I'd like to also add that saying your second C is only slightly better than our 1C isn't really much of an insult.

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